occult poetics symposium


February 11-12, Montreal QC

The Occult Poetics Symposium brought together some of the most exciting voices in Poetry and Occult Studies for two days and nights of presentations, practice, and readings.


FACILITATED by Jessica Bebenek, Sandra Huber, and Nathan Brown of the CEP.


PRESENTATIONS during the days focused on the practitioners' poetics as influenced by occult practice. We covered topics as diverse as tarot, symbolism, numerology, the power of ritual, embodiment,  mysticism, shamanism, witchcraft and magic, historical inheritance and personal lineage, divination, spirit worlds, non-human communication, empathy, intersectionality, ecology and exploitation, and fermentation.   

READINGS in the evenings will showcase visiting practitioners' poetry and offer the opportunity for further discussions of the intersection of the occult with poetry and poetics. We will also be showcasing tarot, astrological, etc. readings by local practitioners, as well as the reprisal of Mystic Insights Ltd.


Ariana Reines  -  CA Conrad  -  Marianne Costa  -  Damian Rogers

Sabrina Scott  -  Jessica Bebenek  -  Sandra Huber


learn more at the www.centreforexpandedpoetics.com


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